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Sensor Device Partners

Wearable Technologies has built a connected worker platform that end customers can use flexibly within their businesses.

The core of this flexibility is that we do not make the sensor devices themselves – it makes better sense for our customers to be able to integrate devices from the world’s leading suppliers to meet varied and changing demand.

Physiology Sensors – vital signs & ergonomics

Help improve workers’ long-term health with heart rate, blood pressure, temperature and posture monitoring with SoterSpine and Zephyr biometrics.

Noise Detection

Prevent hearing damage with third party sensors such as Casella which trigger alerts for excessive noise.

Vibration Detection

Guard against Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome which can occur when powered hand tools are used for extended periods of time using Reactec wearables.

Emissions Detection

Enable immediate action to protect workers in the event of a gas leak. Gas sensors such as Dräger or Honeywell will trigger emergency alerts on the Eleksen Personal Safety Hub.

Vehicle Proximity Warning

Mitigate the risk from moving vehicles in environments where workers and vehicles are in close proximity e.g. on construction sites and in warehouses using proximity warning systems from GKD and SiteZone.

Wearable Technologies is proud to work with partners worldwide to deliver our cutting-edge solutions:

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