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Case Study

Civil Engineering

The Challenge

T2S is a French manufacturer of high-visibility products and PPE, and a garment partner of Wearable Technologies. In this project, we worked together to reduce the risk of collisions between workers and equipment on construction sites for Eurovia Vinci, a leading infrastructure and urban development specialist.

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The Solution:

Eurovia Vinci adopted our smart garment solution, together with a compatible Proximity Warning System (PWS) to set a safe distance between workers and moving machinery on a motorway site. The worker was equipped with a smart garment featuring vibration as well as eleven LEDs, visible at 400 metres, which would flash simultaneously if the proximity warning was activated. 

At the same time, the drivers of the vehicles were alerted to the proximity of the workers via a light and sound box in the cabin. This was fixed by magnet and operated wirelessly with a rechargeable battery. Outside, a light and sound beacon also signalled the machines.

The system was set up to detect proximity within a 360 degree radius and up to ten metres in distance and has become a major factor in reducing the risks of vehicle and worker collisions on hazardous sites.

The Outcome:

“We tested Eleksen connected vests on a major three-week motorway project last March. Fifteen pedestrians, operators responsible for manual cleaning, and four sweepers were equipped. The device has been well accepted by its users and has demonstrated its effectiveness. With the Eleksen system, the fact that the two parties are alerted makes it possible to climb up a notch in terms of shared vigilance. “

Annick Hombert, Prevention Officer, Eurovia

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