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Our Mission

“To provide actionable insights which enable people to make data-led decisions that both improve workforce safety and increase productivity.”

Our Vision:

“We envision a future where wearable technologies can reduce the risks to human beings working in hazardous and uncertain environments.”

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About Us

Wearable Technologies Limited is based in the UK, and was initially co-funded by BP in 2014. A pioneer in the connected worker market, we hold more than 40 granted patents.

Our story began when we were invited to a large BP plant, where we noticed that all workers carried a small, personal gas monitor. If this sensed gas, it would alert the worker, but not their co-workers, nor the central control room. On visiting the control room, we found that it was primarily designed to monitor the pipes of the plant, not the workers, meaning that in an emergency control room staff would not be immediately aware of the danger. To solve this problem, Wearable Technologies proposed connecting those gas sensors to communications hubs that would ‘talk’ to the control room in real-time, ensuring that workers were always kept safe.

More than six years later, we now offer a modular solution under the name Eleksen, that integrates with multiple sensors from leading manufacturers and is already protecting workers worldwide.

At Wearable Technologies, we have consistently made it our mission to bring the value of data, and the future of Industry 4.0, to the worksites of the most dangerous industries which today include construction, mining, logistics, rail and utilities.

Part of the global Blackline Safety Corp Group since early 2021, we are now perfectly positioned to become the market leader in wearable technology for hazardous industries.

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Wearable Technologies Limited (WTL) is an early leader in the “connected industrial worker” space. 

We have some unique opportunities to work for one of the UK’s hottest IoT start-ups.

About Blackline Safety Corp.

Blackline Safety is a global connected safety technology leader headquartered in Calgary, Canada and Colchester, UK with offices in Houston, USA and Lille, France.

Wearable Technologies Ltd is a Blackline Safety Corp. group company, registered in England and Wales number 08814318.
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